Unedited Testimonials from my wonderful Clients

"Having my cards by Terilyn was a delightful and amazing experience! I met Terilyn the morning of my reading and right away her chill, welcoming vibes helped to relax and make me feel right at home. She has a great knowledge of the cards and a beautiful intuition regarding people which combined created a powerful reading that truly helped me to feel centered about a life changing journey I was about to embark on. I found the style and manner of her reading to be incredibly approachable and warm which empowered me to ask questions, and participate without fear of judgment. I will definitely be coming back for more and sending my friends her way!" - Autumn C.

“Terilyn’s tarot reading helped to provide clarity for me when deciding to apply to grad school. I had a couple of paths that i could have taken and with her reading, I was able to better make a decision where I wanted to go. She specifically pulled a couple of cards that were focusing on how I should present myself to the best of my abilities in my application. These helped me to focus my energy and create a very clear and concise application that ultimately got me into grad school! Without the reading it probably would have been a lot harder for me to make a decision. It gave me new found excitement and the confidence to pursue my goal!” - Isabel B.

"I had my cards read for the first time ever with Terilyn. She was so thorough in explaining the process and created a safe, welcoming environment. We did our reading over FaceTime, but I don't think that detracted from the experience at all. She showed me exactly what she was doing, and I felt like we were sitting in the same room rather than hundreds of miles apart. Her reading was thoughtful and personal and I definitely walked away feeling like she understood my situation. I feel comforted and excited about my path ahead thanks to Terilyn's reading and highly recommend her!!" - Lauren J.


"Terilyn uses her unique emotional capabilities to connect you to your reading. She is able to objectively understand you as a person before interpreting the meaning of the cards you have been dealt. She is thoughtful and warm, making you feel at ease with whatever questions you may have, and, ultimately, leaves you awakened and inspired by your reading." - Christophe D.

“Terilyn was so accommodating and very easy to talk to! With her reading she explained the symbols on the cards and their meanings. I asked her about three aspects of my life and she gave me clarity in all of them. When you’re grappling with an issue, it helps to see your options in the cards. It helps to see your path of possibilities. Terilyn really helped me with her reading!” - Cassie H.

"It was my first time with tarot, but Terilyn made me feel comfortable and at ease. She was clear about how I should tailor my expectations but she managed to surpass them in every way. Terilyn is personable and someone you need in your life. She helped me find truths within myself and also helped me feel better about the future. Two thumbs way, way up for the queen of the cards!" - Dan Y.

“If you’re looking for a great tarot experience, you need to see Terilyn. Her innate sense of empathy and strong understanding of each card’s meaning allow her to guide you to insightful new perspectives on your situation. Terilyn’s calming demeanor is matched by her willingness to go into detail on the way each card relates to another. Regardless of whether you’re a tarot novice or a seasoned pro, I highly recommend booking a session with Terilyn.” - Matt D.

“Terilyn is a gracious and insightful tarot cards reader. She intuitively gazed into my sub-conscious, exposing questions and paths I hadn’t thought of at all. The experience was delightful and thought-provoking. I’m looking forward to having her read my cards again soon.” - Elizabeth G.

"My roommate and I got our cards read by Terilyn and we couldn't have been more pleased! Terilyn has a such a gift for putting others at ease and holding space for the people around her. We were immediately welcomed and safe, suddenly chatting like old friends. Readings can put you in a vulnerable place, especially when you are seeking answers to the questions that have been prodding at you. Terilyn guides you through the experience with generosity and grace. Her in-depth knowledge of the cards combined with her intuitive astuteness made for truly insightful and invigorating readings. When I came in I was feeling anxious and uncertain, Terilyn's reading was just the thing I needed to help center myself and gain a little clarity. I will 100% be coming to Terilyn again." - Sarah A.

"Terilyn is kind, intuitive, and helpful. Her reading gave me insight on some difficult decisions and left me feeling reassured and confident. If you are looking for guidance and support, she is your girl." - Willa S.

"Terilyn did a wonderful job reading my cards. She was warm, open, and very insightful. I left the reading feeling like my questions were answered and I saw a clearer path in front of me. I will definitely be contacting Terilyn again for another reading." - Kathy E.

"I saw Terilyn for a reading this week and it was a great experience. She has a very inviting personality and the reading was right on. I learned a few things and she was very open to helping me understand more about the reading itself. I highly recommend Terilyn for anyone interested in a tarot card reading." - Barb B.