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I'm Terilyn: an Intuitive Tarot Card Reader

(...I'm also a creative writer, bartender, health nut, actor, coffee drinker, notorious wanderer, podcast enthusiast, millennial, good friend, and authentic human being...nice to meet you!)

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I use Tarot Cards (in conjunction with crystals, chakra healing and a tiny bit of astrology) to help real people with real-world problems. By working with the cards and our intuition, together we'll dissect the challenges you face and create actionable steps to achieve your goals. My vibes are a mix of "woo woo" and "no bullshit", which is how I can successfully use an old technique in the modern world. Being in my 20s, I specialize in working with millennials, but I love reading for people from all walks of life. A belief in Magic is not necessary to work with me!

I am available for in-person readings in Chicago and FaceTime readings for faraway clients. I'm also available for in-person readings in NYC  a few times a year, and all travel plans will be announced in a newsletter. (Sign up for my email list here!) 

The rates below are for private sessions. Please contact me regarding rates for events or parties. I sure do love a party!

  • One Hour Reading- $45

  • 30 Minute Reading - $30

  • 10 Minute Reading - $15 (FaceTime only)

  • Couples/BFF Reading - $60+

  • Travel Fee - $10+

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Wait...who are you, Terilyn?

I've always been a very spiritual person, finding joy in crystals, astrology, and yoga since I was a little girl. A spiritual healer once told my mother that I was an Indigo Child: somebody who is highly sensitive to spiritual energies. I've always felt it was my birthright to help others with my talents.

I've been reading Tarot for about five years, though I can't remember acquiring my cards. Superstition states that people should receive their Tarot Deck as a present, but some pesky trauma-based memory loss has plucked that moment from my brain. To me, it's as if these cards just wandered into my life like an old friend returning from a journey. We've been very close ever since.

While I believe anybody can read Tarot, my intuitive gifts, empathic tendencies and years of studying have given me a strong and unique relationship to the cards. My love of storytelling and building authentic connections make my sessions relaxed but effective, centered around a dialogue between three friends: you, the cards and myself. 


a few words from my Clients 

[Terilyn] has a great knowledge of the cards and a beautiful intuition regarding people which combined created a powerful reading that truly helped me to feel centered about a life changing journey I was about to embark on. I found the style and manner of her reading to be incredibly approachable and warm which empowered me to ask questions, and participate without fear of judgment.
— Autumn C.
Terilyn has a such a gift for putting others at ease and holding space for the people around her. [...] Her in-depth knowledge of the cards combined with her intuitive astuteness made for truly insightful and invigorating readings.
— Sarah A.
I had my cards read for the first time ever with Terilyn. She was so thorough in explaining the process and created a safe, welcoming environment. We did our reading over FaceTime, but I don’t think that detracted from the experience at all. She showed me exactly what she was doing, and I felt like we were sitting in the same room rather than hundreds of miles apart.
— Lauren J.
Terilyn [...] was warm, open, and very insightful. I left the reading feeling like my questions were answered and I saw a clearer path in front of me.
— Kathy E.
Terilyn [...] is thoughtful and warm, making you feel at ease with whatever questions you may have, and, ultimately, leaves you awakened and inspired by your reading.
— Christophe D.
Terilyn is personable and someone you need in your life. She helped me find truths within myself and also helped me feel better about the future. Two thumbs way, way up for the queen of the cards!
— Dan Y.

Okay, but what do you DO?

First, I'll tell you what I don't do. I'm not clairvoyant, and I'm not a medium. This means I can't tell you your definitive future, and I can't communicate directly with the dead or with spirits (though they do help out sometimes!) 

With the cards and my intuitive gifts, I can tell you what forces are at play in your life, where you're coming from and where you might end up if you continue on the path you're on. I can work with you to create solutions for the problems you're facing, and guide you towards successful choices. The cards and I can show you what areas of your life need more attention, what energies you should lean into, and when something is probably a bad idea. YOU are the creator of your own life and destiny, but the cards will help nudge you in the right direction. 


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